Our Story and Mission

Mission statement, image of a woman and serum bottle with natural skincare

Why we started it 

The reason for starting an anti aging range was to take the complexity out of the process and make the anti aging routine as simple, stress-free and affordable as possible. Being an aging busy couple, we both needed a simple solution to anti-aging as opposed to a plethora of products in the market. On top of it, we wanted to create something which does not contain nasty stuff, is gentle to the skin, cruelty-free, 100% Vegan and also does not break the bank. Our motto is to make naturally formulated products accessible to everyone! Hence we developed nkdDew Skincare. Simple as.

What do we stand for

With so many wrong definitions of beauty, we see people, especially young women, going into depression because they just want to look like that highly filtered social media beauty raking up thousands of likes. This FOMO is causing depression and low self-esteem since we have started to live in a made-up world where the number of likes or comments define how beautiful we are or how being popular is the key to success!

We decided to stand up against this common definition of beauty and introduce an inclusive skincare range, cherish aging, and love all forms of beauty! A woman, a man, or a transgender does not have to be a front-page model to be beautiful.

We all are beautiful despite our different colors, skins, body types, and ethnicities. We all amount the same in humanity.

How are we different

We are not just another skincare product range. We are born out of a mission to never sell any product that we will not be proud to consume ourselves! We care about the community and the world we live in. Therefore as part of our 'Skincare with Purpose' mission, we have pledged to support transgender communities in societies where they lack access to basic education and welfare activities.

nkdDew. Skincare (formerly Naked Du) also acknowledges the impact we are having on the environment so we strive to be eco-friendly when it comes to our packaging whether it is the bottles or the satchel you receive. We do not use any plastic wrapping in any of our postal packaging. We use eco-friendly, recyclable, or compostable material.

When we are not spending on environmentally harmful packaging, we pass on the savings to you and our 'Skincare with Purpose' vision.

We do not use harmful chemicals in our products so that both your skin and the environment get their due share of love and care.

nkd Dew. (formerly Naked Du) is owned by a proud Australian family and we only sell 100% Australian made skincare products.

When you buy from us, you support a small local business!

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